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LJ Crafted Wines

La Jolla San Diego Wine Bar

Located two blocks from the Pacific coast in Bird Rock, LJ Crafted Wines is a La Jolla San Diego wine bar like no other. Offerings include select batches of white, red, and rosé wines served directly from the barrel. Order by the glass and enjoy wines made from grapes grown in the Sonoma Coast and Nappa Valley of Northern California. Wine selections changes periodically and include small-batch releases which encompass a wide spectrum of flavors and aroma. Again, these are all served directly from the barrel - wines are not bottled so there is no added preservatives.

LJ Crafted Wines has breezy indoor and outdoor seating to suit your mood. Wines can be enjoyed with a cheese board or seasonal gourmet small plates. For to-go wine lovers, LJ Crafted Wines delivers wine in refillable glass growlers. Growlers (33.8 oz) and growlettes (12 oz) are for off-site consumption only. These growlers are key to the LJ Crafted Wines philosophy and success: they are eco-friendly and allow wine enthusiasts to love the wine and love the planet.

La Jolla San Diego Wine Bar         La Jolla San Diego Wine Bar


La Jolla San Diego Wine Bar


About LJ Crafted Wines

Owner Lowell Jooste is a 4th generation winemaker with roots in Cape Town, South Africa. He brings to La Jolla 20+ years of experience from the international wine industry. A hallmark of this "urban winery" is that it is eco-friendly. Instead of bottling the wine in individual glass bottles, wines are stored and served from the barrel either by the glass or in reusable glass growlers. The patented "Wine Steward" allows the wine to be served repeatedly from the barrel without diminishing the quality of the wine remaining in the barrel. The secret to the "Wine Steward" is that it reduces oxygen content thereby preventing oxidation of the wine.

Innovation and technology allows this La Jolla San Diego wine bar to decrease the carbon footprint and strive towards a zero-waste lifestyle. Excellent wines that honor the environment - everyone can feel good about that!

We invite you to visit LJ Crafted Wines in Bird Rock. The friendly staff in this La Jolla wine bar will be glad to describe the award-winning wines available today. Want more? Join the Wine Club and take advantage of exclusive discounts and limited edition wines.


La Jolla San Diego Wine Bar



La Jolla San Diego Wine Bar



La Jolla San Diego Wine Bar



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