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LJ Crafted Wines

La Jolla San Diego Wine Tasting

If you are interested in a unique La Jolla San Diego wine tasting experience, consider the LJ Crafted Wines. Located in Bird Rock and just two blocks from the Pacific Ocean, this wine tasting venue is different because it serves wine directly from the barrel. Instead of bottling the wine, owner Lowell Jooste has perfected the art of retaining wine flavor and complexity with the use of the "Wine Steward". This device regulates the oxygen content in the barrel thereby allowing wine to be served from the same barrel without losing flavor and depth.

LJ Crafted Wine is a family-friendly wine tasting venue which also offers cheese board and seasonal gourmet small plates. For those who want to enjoy wine at home, LJ Crafted Wine sells small batch release wines in glass growlers. Because the wines are not pre-bottled, extra, industry-mandated preservatives are not added. Thus, wines from this "urban winery" retain their original flavor and aroma.

Refillable and reusable growlers are environmentally friendly. Each time a growler is washed, sanitized, and refilled, it is one less wine bottle in the trash. Although the wine industry generates 300 million cases of wine sold in the US each year, almost none of the bottles are ever reused. At LJ Crafted Wines, owner Lowell Jooste is committed to supporting a zero-waste lifestyle through refillable growlers and growlettes. The business slogan is "Rethink, Reduce, Refill".

La Jolla San Diego Wine Bar         La Jolla San Diego Wine Bar


La Jolla San Diego Wine Tasting: Outside of LJ Crafted Wines showing sitting area with a dozen people enjoying the evening air.


A Brief History

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Lowell is a 4th generation winemaker and has over 20 years of experience in the international wine and winemaking industry. Upon arrival in San Diego, he embraced the use of growlers (from San Diego microbreweries) and the quality grapes available from Northern California. Currently, LJ Crafted Wine specializes in small batch wines made with grapes from Napa Valley and Sonoma Coast. Ask about today's award winning selection of white, red, and rosé wines.

If you love the concept of no-preservative wines served directly from the barrel, and an eco-friendly winery, join the Wine Club where you can partake in exclusive discounts and limited edition wines.


A lady filling red wine from a barrel into a refillable, eco-friendly growler. The growler has the La Jolla Crafted Wine logo on it.



Platter of cheese, olives, bread, and cold meats beside a half filled glass of red wine.



La Jolla San Diego Wine Tasting Three people enjoying wine from wine glasses.  A platter of bread, cheese and cold meats in the foreground.



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